Please note our Christmas shutdown this year will run from Friday 22nd December until Tuesday 2nd January inclusive.

Our last delivery day in 2017 will be Thursday December 21st, although volumes dependent we may well bring forward any orders for this day to minimise deliveries, especially distance on the last day.

Full service being resumed for orders, enquiries and deliveries on Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

Standard working day lead times will apply across this period, so obviously any product required for the first week in January would need to be ordered well before the break. We will of course do all we can to help over this period and will endeavour to meet any particular delivery requirements you may have.

Finally, may we thank you for your valued custom in 2017, and offer our very best wishes for the festive period.

Joanne Honour

Customer Service Manager


Jason McCabe, commercial and site director for Clayton Glass, considers the future for their business and defining SMARTGLASS® brand in terms of product and service initiatives in 2018 and beyond… 

As 2017 comes to a close we have seen a lot of changes in the industry in terms of consolidation, while businesses such as ours have been able to thrive, thanks to our sole focus on IGU manufacturing, without the distraction of other business units.

Our independency has also enabled us to invest £5million in the last 18 months alone, whilst benefiting from an owner-led ‘can do’ attitude and so we’re able to meet the most exacting needs of our valued customers. We’re also part of the National Glass Group, as the largest glass purchasing group of its kind in the UK, with other scheme benefits including shared business philosophies.

But while the industry has changed over the course of the year and is distracted to a degree with political and economic uncertainties, we’re already looking towards 2018 and beyond with confidence. We are first and foremost an IGU manufacturer and next year we will be forecasting to manufacture 16,000 glass units, out of a total of 20,000 products every week.

Service is crucial in a business such as ours and as one of the largest specialists in conservatory and glazed roofs, we’ve put in place an infrastructure that enables us to service any UK postcode, any day of the week thanks to our unique logistics set up. We’ve also recently presented customers with our #FridayFlyer initiative, offering free upgrades to a pre-midday delivery option on a Friday as part of a short-term promotion, as we look at new ways in which to engage the market.

In 2018, we will also be looking towards the opportunities for a 3-day delivery service, as we enhance our credentials as one of the most customer focussed companies in the sector, something that’s fully supported when you consider we’ve won Glass Company of the Year 2015 and 2016 in the National Fenestration Awards and are again a finalist in the upcoming 2017 event.

With an impressive website and range of literature, we’ve also been fully supporting our customers with the tools to sell our products and this also includes SMARTGLASS® samples and even assistance with showroom point of sale materials. Our brand and service levels ultimately dictate our success and that of our customers.

The SMARTGLASS® brand has evolved for well over a decade now and with sales savvy installation companies looking for new USP’s, the product range we take into 2018 will fully differentiate ourselves against the competition. For over a decade now we’ve been pushing the technological boundaries in terms of glass performance.

We have been involved in pioneering work into self-tinting glass technologies in 2017 and will be carrying on this important work into 2018 and beyond. SMARTGLASS® Dynamic is a product opportunity for the long-term and we’re firmly placed to bring in these and other cutting edge glass developments to market. Yet our thirst for innovation also continues in static performing glazing options.

The latest Ultra 86 glass, by definition, is the industry’s best performing conservatory and glazed extension roof glass, boasting a G-value of 14% and like all of our roof glass range, boasting warm edge and true self clean technologies. For South facing and exposed locations it’s the ultimate product performer as recent installations have shown.

 In 2015 we launched SMARTGLASS®-W the first product range specifically designed for conservatory side frames. With the same solar control properties, the glass specifications in this range are designed to keep solar heat gain issues to a minimum, unlike standard IGU’s which are designed with inherent properties to bring heat in. This product is also perfectly suited to patio, lift and slide and bi-folding doors where large areas of glass are prevalent and the sales opportunities in this glass genre look strong in the years to come.

Smart thinking extends itself to our award-winning service and product offering and is the very essence of what makes SMARTGLASS® the go to brand for the conservatory and glazed door markets. In 2018, as the market continues to evolve and we face continued economic and political uncertainties, we as an independent owner managed business will be able to adapt our offering whilst retaining our credentials as a technological and service leader in the sector.


As we move again towards the colder shorter days, and low light of Autumn we’re reminded of the seasonal glass issues that this time of year can bring for installers. Last Autumn we published some guidelines on external condensation, we hope you found this useful and its posted again here as a reminder.

This year I’d briefly like to look at the effect of the morning and evening sun, its temporary effect on the visuals of installed glass and thus the importance of glass manufacturer, installer and customer all operating to the same standardised inspection criteria.

This really struck me whilst driving home in bright Autumn sun, through a tree lined street last week. I became suddenly aware that the sky was teaming with thousands, millions of particles – it literally looked like the attack of the midgies. Tiny flies, grains of dust, and pollen were shining like millions of little lights in front of me and for a second it was a bit alarming, as if an insects nest had been disturbed and they were swarming all over.

Suddenly the sun went behind a tree and it all disappeared, instantly.  When the bright and direct light disappeared, so did the flies. Or actually they didn’t –  it just dawned on me that they are always there, it’s just only under extreme lighting conditions could they be seen so vividly.

This incident brought to mind the problems that can be associated with glass units, when viewed in extreme light.

It’s the time of year where we are getting a few instances each week where we are being asked for replacements due to marks in cavity, from installations many months previous. The home owner was assumedly happy with their glass and windows for several months, but on certain days, at certain times of year and from certain angles small marks, streaks or other visual effects are apparent.

The Glass & Glazing Federation inspection criteria to which we adhere says of viewing conditions:

 ‘Do so in natural daylight, but not directly towards the sun and with no visible moisture on the surface of the glass’

Ignoring these instructions and viewing in direct sunlight, and especially at an oblique angle to the glass, will almost certainly result in otherwise invisible visual effects being noticeable, such as:

  • A bloom or haze illuminating the cavity (This is the low E surface catching the light)
  • Milky or dusty appearance
  • The accentuation of small scratches and particles

Just a reminder therefore to encourage all staff and customers to be aware of and to follow these instructions when considering whether a unit should be replaced not. We often offer site visits but are told only to come at certain times of the day when the sun is round – this should always ring alarm bells.

  •  View in daylight but not direct sunlight
  • View at right-angles to the glass, from 2 metres
  • Look through not at the glass

If these instructions are not followed properly, then almost certainly both installer and IGU supplier are going to spend time and money which could be avoided with the right understanding of inspection criteria.



Building and indeed maintaining customer service excellence is a must, explains Jason McCabe, commercial and site director of Clayton Glass. He goes on to suggest that being a large, owner managed, independent business is also a fundamental part of the equation.

You don’t have to be a Harvard academic to understand the requirements for customer service excellence. It should be a fundamental part of the corporate culture and DNA of any business, something that we can honestly boast at Clayton Glass and indeed across the whole National Glass Group that we’re part of.

With a number of independent glass companies having been swallowed up by larger groups in the industry over the last 18 months, what bearing will this have on a sector that historically was led by local, owner, managed businesses with an overwhelming commitment to customer excellence? I would suggest that there has been a tangible shift in perception and indeed the reality, by their respective customers.

Clayton Glass has won IGU Manufacturer in the National Fenestration Awards for the last two years, which is testament to what we do and how our customers perceive the product and service that they receive. On any given week we deliver 15-20,000 products, including standard IGU’s and also products from our market leading SMARTGLASS® range nationwide and remain one of the largest independent glass unit manufacturers in the UK.

There’s a notable difference as an independent business that’s overtly outwardly facing, in that our customers can speak to a wide range of contacts within Clayton Glass, or indeed with the directors including Ryan Green, managing director and myself. Communication is critical for us as a company both internally and externally, without the distraction of any other business units or product ranges, which also means decisions can be taken quickly and acted upon.

We’ve wrapped up our belief into customer service excellence, as part of our #TheClaytonDifference campaign, which encapsulates everything that we do with our extended customer service department, that’s led with a specific advisor for each customer. We have also structured the business, so we have different sales teams for IGU’s and for the conservatory side of the business, which continues to lead the market in terms of brand penetration and also in terms of product performance.

As a privately owned, autonomous and independent business, we are also able to source glass from any of the major manufacturers across Europe and indeed from across the globe for both relatively standardised products and also those at the cutting edge of development. Again, being independent is a major plus point for us, yet we can also benefit from the synergies and buying power that National Glass Group provides us with.

We also have the resources to invest and in the last 18 months alone we have moved to a new purpose built factory with over £5million invested in a completely new IGU line, amongst other capital equipment. Increased automation and the upmost product quality also remain core to our values as a committed business to the glass sector.

There is also flexibility in terms of deliveries and we deliver to any UK postcode any day of the week, thanks to our unique logistics operation, with additional pre-midday options available. For the roofing side of our business, we’ve also just announced a #FridayFlyer for SMARTGLASS® customers, who will receive a free upgrade to an am delivery on a Friday, up until the end of October.

We are also investigating the possibility to offer a free upgrade to a 3-day delivery across the SMARTGLASS® range, nationwide for Monday to Thursday deliveries. While the industry supply standard for PVCu windows and doors is a legacy from the last decade, we’re still pushing the boundaries in terms of customer service and delivery capabilities for today and tomorrow.

Clayton Glass is an owner led business first and foremost, with customer care at the very centre of our beliefs for the supply of IGU and specialist conservatory glass, without the burden of any other product manufacturing. With a global reach for product development, local focus on service and the group buying benefits of National Glass Group, we believe the mantra of ‘think global, act local’ has never been so true.


99% of installations of true self cleaning glass are problem free. However, have you installed any self cleaning glass that isn’t working as expect?

The self clean coating is produced on state of the art coating plants, and rarely is the source of any issue. More likely are external factors, such as contamination on the face of the glass, stopping it working. This can be many causes, from tree sap, to heavy dust or silicone (during the installation process).

Below is a useful video, illustrating the affect on the glass when the external face has been contaminated with silicone. The glass no longer ‘sheets’ but forms ‘beads’. This is one of the most common causes of issues with installations incorporating self cleaning glass.

If you require any further advise, please contact one of our team on 01207 288200.


Despite the performance of our glass roof and other products continually increasing, for several years now we have been seeing falling order values in our markets be it through net shaped pricing, overall size or headline metre square rates. We understand this – it’s just business and like everyone else in the fenestration industry we remain focused on improving the value to our customer, controlling costs and helping you to differentiate your business with our class leading products such as Ultra 86.

Recently however we’re seeing a specific shift in the glass roof market, with hybrid, lantern and other systems joining the glass mix we process and deliver nationwide as part of our SMARTGLASS offering. Whilst these less traditional product lines are undoubtedly sales opportunities, they’re also highly challenging as we see a whole new product stream of small glass orders making up an increasing part of our busy daily delivery commitments.

These smaller orders usually have exactly the same demands in terms of lead time, geography, site locations etc, but they just tend to attract less sales value per delivery drop. Given our logistic costs are more or less fixed per drop as opposed to value of that drop, the net result is a huge imbalance in delivery cost vs delivered value.

We need to address both overall and on an order by order basis to remain a sustainable and important part of the supply chain for these low glass content installations.

We trust you will understand that delivering a one off chargeable unit or a small order to any UK postcode without fixed contribution to the cost of getting it there is simply not viable, and will work with us in maintaining our element of the supply chain to everyone’s benefit.  There are of course opportunities to fulfil these orders and avoid the unnecessary costs for all parties and this would remain our first option.

Advance, delay or combine a delivery, order side wall glass to accompany the roof glass, or even collect. We remain on hand to offer advice in combining delivery days etc and how to ‘play the system’ to minimise any impact, but we reluctantly advise orders placed from August 7th we will be implementing a delivery surcharge of £60 for all orders under £250 in attempt to make these sales viable to us.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

A link to this document, for onward circulation as necessary.

Small Order Surcharge July 17


We’ve updated our delivery days by postcode for conservatory roof glass orders, along with adding some additional added value services such as Pre 10 and AM delivery options, delivery on non-scheduled is also an option – effectively leading to reduced lead times. We remain the only roof glass manufacturer to offer a complete UK wide delivery service. Please take time to read, and circulate within your business, the two documents below:

SMARTGLASS Postcode Delivery Days July 17

SMARTGLASS Logistics August 2017


The first ever installation of SMARTGLASS® Dynamic has resulted in overwhelming praise from the homeowner of the newly refurbished conservatory, that has benefited from this revolutionary, wireless, self-tinting glass technology.

Phil Stow approached Clayton Glass in February 2017, before the commencement of his conservatory refurbishment project in Houghton on the Hill, Leicester, about the performance characteristics of specialist conservatory glass on dull days. He had already specified SMARTGLASS Ultimate, one of the best performing conservatory roof glass types in the sector.

Jason McCabe, commercial and site director of Clayton Glass, suggested that SMARTGLASS® Dynamic would outperform any other conservatory roof glass on hot sunny days, yet provide light transmission, very close to that of a standard IGU on duller days. The quote below is taken directly from an e-mail received on 3rd May from Phil Stow.

He commented: ‘My conservatory refit by Mike Jarvis of Custom Conservatories is nearly complete, and I currently have a couple of Ultimate panes which will be replaced next week. This has allowed me to compare and contrast the products literally side by side.

He continued: ‘The Ultimate glass, which was my initial choice, is a pretty glass which performs well and I’m sure I would have been very happy with it. The Dynamic glass however, is in a completely different league in my opinion. In a clear state like your literature states it performs similar to standard glass, giving true colours of the outside world. Furthermore, on dull days, the light transmitted is clearly noticeable as greater than the Ultimate. So far, I cannot comment on hot day performance, but when the sun did briefly emerge and the outside temperature was around 14 Celsius the Dynamic magically tinted to the colour of Ultimate.’

And finally, he added: ‘SMARTGLASS® Dynamic is a fantastic product and I hope it produces the success for Clayton Glass you deserve for developing it. Thank you once again for letting me be one of the first customers to appreciate it.’

Jason McCabe, commercial and site director enthused: ‘That’s an incredible testimonial from a homeowner who is already embracing dynamic living, thanks to SMARTGLASS® Dynamic. Without question this is the future for domestic glazing, particularly in the roofing plane and we look forward to building further sales and working with key partners to bring this technology to the mass market.’

For a free SMARTGLASS® Dynamic sample kit and a 2017 Product Guide, e-mail enquiries@smart-glass.co.uk or call the sales office on 01207 288200. You can also add to their growing Twitter following @ClaytonGlass and find further product information at http://www.smart-glass.co.uk.


Following our ongoing investment program and a review of manual handling procedures, we’ve updated our guideline for maximum IGU sizes. Please download the attached document for your reference and circulate as relevant within your business.

Note: Maximum SMARTGLASS conservatory roof glass sizes are unchanged.


Its a key part of our offering that our customers have full and direct access to our management team and the various functions and departments.

As such we’ve updated our key contacts list and phone numbers, please take the time to Download our key contacts list and distribute to the people who may find this of relevance in your business.



imageClayton Glass have just produced a new 20-page Product Guide that’s packed with their expanded range of SMARTGLASS® products for the conservatory, bi-folding and patio door sectors, including the latest ground breaking, self-tinting Dynamic glass.

The new Product Guide includes technical performance characteristics of their market leading conservatory roof glass range, that now includes the flagship Ultra 86 solution, which is they believe, the best performing glass of its type in the UK market at present. It boats a G-value of 14% and like all products in the SMARTGLASS® roof range, comes with warm edge technology and true self cleaning properties as standard.

SMARTGLASS®-W is the industry’s first dedicated range of glass for conservatory frames which is also detailed in the new guide and it’s also designed for the bi-folding and patio door market. The key property of this product is the fact that it is designed to vastly reduce the impact of solar heat gain, a characteristic certainly not welcomed in any conservatory environment.

The recently launched SMARTGLASS® Dynamic product, is the industry’s first automatically self-tinting, glass technology for conservatories, Orangeries and other glazing elements and is also detailed in the Product Guide. With availability in any shape and a 10-14 day turnaround on orders, along with a clever interactive market tool, it’s a new development that’s already generating considerable interest.

Jason McCabe, commercial and site director for Clayton Glass commented: ‘The Product Guide is very much the bible for conservatory, bi-folding and patio door glass with our unrivalled SMARTGLASS® range. There are technical tables and charts, along with flagship products that really help set us apart and make us the glass partner of choice in the sector.’

For a FREE 2017 Product Guide or SMARTGLASS® Dynamic sample kit, e-mail enquiries@smart-glass.co.uk or call the sales office on 01207 288200. You can also add to their growing Twitter following @ClaytonGlass and can find further product information at http://www.smart-glass.co.uk.


Simple effective sales aid to demonstrate our new self tinting, wireless glass technology. Available in bespoke sizes, shaped and with a 10 day lead time.

Order your free sample kit today. Enquiries@smart-glass.co.uk


dynamic Glass have just launched SMARTGLASS® Dynamic, the industry’s first automatically self-tinting, glass technology for conservatories, Orangeries and other glazing elements.

This new glass technology represents the dawn in a new era of dynamic conservatory living, but importantly for installers, can be handled in the same way as any other glass unit, is simple to install and will be manufactured in any shape within 10-14 days. It’s also at an acceptable price point from the installation company’s point of view and that of tech savvy consumers looking for the latest must have product.

In the middle of summer SMARTGLASS® Dynamic will change from a clear state in the morning to a deep blue during the day where solar control and light shading is needed most, yet as the unit cools will go back to clear at the end of the day and into the night. At all other times of day and season, this glass innovation will offer various semi-tinted states, depending upon surface temperature of the glass. In it’s clear state, this glass technology offers a similar light transmission to a standard clear glass unit.

From a technical perspective the solar factor (G-value) of SMARTGLASS® Dynamic, with Suntuitive inside, varies from 10-34%, boasting light transmission of 6-60% and offers a U-value of 1.2 W/m2K. From a solar control standpoint, it offers the best performance of any conservatory roof glass in the UK and with many standard roof glass offerings only able to achieve a G-value of 40%, outperforms these even in a clear state, with the considerable added benefit of acting dynamically from 10-34%, 365 days a year.

As one of the most exciting glass developments for the conservatory sector in over a decade, Clayton Glass have developed a unique SMARTGLASS® Dynamic sample kit. This handy sized, working interactive marketing tool, highlights the unique characteristics of this pioneering glass technology, in a clever and engaging way.’

Jason McCabe, commercial and site director of Clayton Glass commented: ‘This is quite simply the most exciting glass development to hit the conservatory and domestic glazing markets I’ve seen in my career. It’s commercially viable from a manufacturing, installation and sales and marketing perspective and we’re expecting considerable interest in the product.’

For a free SMARTGLASS® Dynamic sample kit and a 2017 Product Guide, e-mail enquiries@smart-glass.co.uk or call the sales office on 01207 288200. You can also add to their growing Twitter following @ClaytonGlass and find further product information at http://www.smart-glass.co.uk.


We’re delighted to announce that for the second year running we’ve won our category and been awarded IGU Manufacturer of the Year for 2016

 Especially pleasing is that NFAs remains one award where categorically industry votes and votes alone determine which business are successful, so a huge thanks to all of our hugely valued customers and industry peers who voted for us.

 Needless to say this award will only drive us further in pushing industry boundaries in what can be achieved at Clayton Glass. With more investment and a game changing roof glass set to launch next year. you can rest assured that’s what the team here will be focused on.   

Thanks !


SMARTGLASS-WThe SMARTGLASS® brand from Clayton Glass is synonymous with cutting edge performance of glass in conservatories and now the same technology has been bought to the bi-folding and patio door markets, with SMARTGLASS®W.

Typically, the glass used in ‘A’ rated and above windows is designed with an element of solar heat gain within the calculations. This is all well and good in typical domestic properties for replacement windows, but where there are large areas of glass, this is the exact opposite of what is required from a technical standpoint, when there is on average 5m2 of glass in a typical bi-folding door that is 2100mm high x 3000mm wide, assuming 80% glass coverage.

SMARTGLASS®W has been designed to minimise solar heat gain in bi-folding and patio doors, along with all conservatory side frames and there are three variants in the range. All boast warm edge technology, argon filling and a U-value of 1.0W/m2K, with enhanced versions offering anti-fade properties, true self-cleaning properties, along with enhanced acoustics and security.

The cost differential between the entry level SMARTGLASS®W and the typical glass used in ‘A’ rated windows is marginal, yet the performance differential is considerable. There’s also the benefit of deliveries direct to site to any UK mainland postcode within the Clayton Glass fleet of vehicles, 5 days a week and with am delivery option.

Jason McCabe, commercial and site director of Clayton Glass commented: ‘We’re a market leader by example and our SMARTGLASS®W product fully reflects our vision as a glass innovator and pioneer. Technically better performing glass for bi-folding and patio doors is great for the sector, with the obvious sell on opportunities for installation businesses eager to capitalise on a sales hook.’

For further information on the SMARTGLASS® range visit http://www.smart-glass.co.uk, e-mail enquiries@smart-glass.co.uk or call the sales office on 01207 288200. You can also add to their growing Twitter following @ClaytonGlass.


We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for the 2016 NFA awards in the IGU manufacturer category which we won last year.

Thanks to all who have voted for us so far, so if you do think we’re the most forward thinking, customer focused, fastest growing, highest quality and most of all, friendly IGU company out there….

 ….Then please pick up you mouse one more time and vote for us at http://www.fenestrationawards.co.uk/


External condensationWith Autumn approaching, it’s external condensation season again.

You can rest assured working at a glass factory my windows are A+ rated, so here’s my front window at 6.30am this morning, the glass is lovely and warm on the inside, and lovely and cold on the outside as it should be.

More detail of this welcome phenomena are here:

Troubleshooting Guide External Condensation


Clayton Glass has just launched a new 20-page product guide for its market leading SMARTGLASS® range of specialist glass for bi-folding and patio doors, conservatory side frames and roofs.

 This new 20 page brochure has been designed to offer the trade a single point of reference for all products within the SMARTGLASS® range, but also in a format that can be readily used by consumers. This handy reference guide is a perfect accompaniment to the widely used product swatches and the latest glossy coffee table brochure from the glass brand.

 The first part of the product guide is dedicated to the impressive conservatory roof glass range which offers a range of solutions including Ultra 86, the best performing glass of its kind in the UK. The middle section highlights the benefits of SMARTGLASS®-W, which is the industry’s first dedicated glass for conservatory wall glazing and has also been developed for patio and bi-folding door glass, where excessive solar heat gain is often an issue.

 Performance characteristics and availability of tints are shown in each section and there’s a dedicated technical section at the end of this important and powerful product guide. This includes a technical summary of all the products with several tables and charts and a list of common, frequently asked questions.

 Jason McCabe, commercial director of Clayton Glass commented: ‘The new product guide is comprehensive and has been designed for both consumers and the trade, offering exacting technical information and features of each product in the range. Our SMARTGLASS® brand is synonymous with performance and innovation, whilst Clayton Glass is renowned for quality and customer service, making for a complete specialist glass package for the trade.’

For further information on the SMARTGLASS® range visit http://www.smart-glass.co.uk, e-mail enquiries@smart-glass.co.uk or call the sales office on 01207 288200. You can also add to their growing Twitter following @ClaytonGlass.


romag_logoTwo of the North East’s leading glass and glazing companies today came under the same ownership as today we acquired Romag, one of the UK’s most well recognised and longstanding glass processors, albeit in a completely different arena to Clayton Glass.

Established over 70 years ago, Romag operates in the high security glazing and transport industries, with clients such as Bombardier and Hitachi in the rail sector. Recent years saw the company expand into the Solar PV market, although with that sector being compromised by the end of the feed in tariff and cheaper imports, the renewed focus is in specialism bespoke PV solutions.

Although there are many synergies between the two companies in terms of location, history and core glass manufacturing activities, they specialise in very different areas of the glass industry and hence we will continue to operate each company completely independently so that both can focus entirely on continuing to grow their specialist market share.

Whilst this represents  huge opportunity for the wider group, from a Clayton Glass customer perspective there will be no changes, other than perhaps a faster turnaround, on processing, drilling, painted glass etc, all of which have previously been bought externally but will now be sourced in house.

Our medium term aim at Clayton remains to continue our drive on quality, service, and delivery times all of which have shown large improvements since the move to Harelew, but particularly over the past few weeks.  A renewed focus with the customer service team in terms of response to queries and the flow of information is also underway.

We hope that with this acquisition there will be many synergies for both companies to the benefit of all of our joint customers.


SMARTGLASS Ultra 86 Sets the Conservatory StandardClayton Glass continue to push the boundaries in terms of what is technically achievable in conservatory glass with the launch of SMARTGLASS® Ultra 86. This glass sets new standards in terms of solar control, and with a G Value of just 0.14 it’s some 18% better than the nearest competitor. Its use is therefore recommended for the most demanding of conservatory installations.

SMARTGLASS® Ultra 86 is the very pinnacle in terms of glass technologies for conservatory, lantern roofs and glazed roof areas and currently is unsurpassed in the UK market. It reflects an impressive and sector leading 86% of the sun’s rays, while still offering a 15% visible light transmission, with a U-value of 1.0 W/m2K,

This new SMARTGLASS® Ultra 86 development is available in an ultra-blue tint with true self cleaning and warm edge technologies, which is the standard across the SMARTGLASS® range. It’s also available in 5-7 working days direct to any UK postcode and with the additional option of a pre-midday delivery from Clayton Glass, IGU Manufacturer of the Year 2015 in the National Fenestration Awards.

This new super-performance glass is also part of a range of solutions that includes the pioneering switchable SMARTGLASS® Dynamic, powered by SageGlass for lantern roofs and the recently introduced SMARTGLASS®W. This is the industry’s first dedicated glass for conservatory side frames and bi-folding doors, where solar heat gain needs to be minimised.

Jason McCabe, commercial director of Clayton Glass commented: ‘Yet again we’re pushing the boundaries of what is capable for conservatory and glazed roofing areas in terms of solar control and overall technical specification. SMARTGLASS® is the sector leader and for good reason, it’s the most comprehensive and capable range of glass in the sector and backed up by our renowned quality and service.’

For further information on the SMARTGLASS® range visit http://www.smart-glass.co.uk, e-mail enquiries@smart-glass.co.uk or call the sales office on 01207 288200. You can also add to their growing Twitter following @ClaytonGlass.