Deliveries, Loading & Unloading of Glass Policy and Procedure

Health and safety is of paramount importance to Clayton Glass, as such we regularly update best practice guidelines and our procedures. Please take the time to download our latest Transport Policy covering the loading and unloading of product:

Transport Policy May 2014

For further information please contact our Health & Saftey Officer, Magda Karon on 01207 288200.

ISO14001 Accredited Supply Chain

Increasingly architects, specifiers and customers are seeking assurances regarding the environmental controls in place and the sustainability of materials in the supply chain. We have ensured all our key supply partners are fully accredited , and hold the correct certification (including ISO14001 or BREEAM BES6001). Should you need to, you can download the various certificates here:

Guardian Glass ISO14001 Certificate

Pilkington Glass ISO 14001 Certificate

Saint Gobain Glass UK ISO14001 Certificate

Saint Gobain Glass UK BES6001 Certificate

Bostik EMS 14001 Certificate

Grace Dessicant ISO14001 Certificate

On request we can also provide a full audit trail demonstrating where the exact key materials for your order originated from. Contact customer services, your account manager or a sales representative for more details on 01207 288200.

CE Marking for Windows

CE MarkWhether a fabricator or installer we can guide you through everything that is needed to comply with the new legislation being implemented later this year. Simply download our guide and supporting declarations below or give one of the customer services team a call on 01207 288200.

The legislation is effective from July 2013, and all window installations need to comply and be CE marked – that is the finished window, not just the frame, or just the glass but the complete glazed window.

If you are a fabricator, you’ll find the relevant declarations you need in order to comply to this legislation below.

Installer? Download our guide on how to comply if you buy frames and glass separately;  it even gives you a template quality system for you to complete.

As a glass manufacturer we need to provide declaration of conformity to various standards, download these here:

Declaration of conformity EN12150 & EN1279

Declaration Hazardous Substances EN14351

New for 2013 – SMARTGLASS Conservatory Roof Glass Delivery Charter

delivery charterWith continuing SMARTGLASSTM growth across 2012 came more staff, extra vehicles, and the addition of our Southern distribution Hub into the SMARTGLASS Logistic network.  Despite all this investment whilst quality and manufacturing issues were virtually zero, the specialist nature of roof delivery, especially to one of site drops has meant an ever present challenge. Across the year we achieved 98.3% OTIF, but where we experienced failed deliveries this was for a wide range of issues, none of which actually related to capacity or material shortages.

We’ve had the odd van breakdown, motorway accident, and the serious flooding of the A1, likewise we had a number instances with specifically site drops – nobody was there to receive the goods, they didn’t know when or where we were going to turn up, addresses were wrong, or there was simply nowhere to store the glass safely.

In thinking what we could do better in 2013 therefore, as well as again increasing out fleet, we’ve decide to add a number of extras services to keep you informed, and to create a set of clear, fair guidelines by which we will be operating. We’ve named this our ‘delivery charter’, where we outline clearly what we will do in terms of delivery and communication, and how you can help us to help you.

New for 2013 for example includes a commitment from us to automatically text the site mobile before 10am with an expected delivery time, meaning less time is wasted waiting around for glass to arrive, and less no-shows for site drops. We’ll do this for every single site drop, naturally providing at the time of order we get the number. We’ve also increased our delivery frequency on 70% of postcodes, now reaching a quarter of the country on a daily basis. (Download the new post code list here).

This Charter, together with our Postcode delivery day listings and of course price tariff will form the cornerstone of our overall roof package. It details the extremely high level of service and communication you can expect, in return for the right level of information up front.

We look forward to texting you soon! – download the roof glass delivery charter here.

SMARTGLASS: Updated Technical Performance Table

As technologies improve we are constantly improving our class leading SMARTGLASS conservatory roof glass specification.  Download the latest SMARTGLASS Performance Table (Updated May 12) here.

Updated: Conservatory Roof Glass Product Warranty

We’ve updated our product warranty specifically for conservatory roof glass, to specifically deal with self cleaning glasses,

Conservatory Roof Glass product Warranty.

Should you need any further information or assistance please feel free to contact our customer services team or one of our sales team on 01207 288200.

Optimum glass solutions calculated for each Potential customer

Saint Gobain Glass have developed an app downloadable from the AppStore, that takes into account the climate in your area, the Orientation of the elevation, the floor area, size of windows, type of heating, to calculate the most efficient glass for your specific customers individual requirements, and the amount of energy your customer would save if they were to install this glass.

The app allows far more accurate calculations than the conventional window energy rating scheme, by taking into account local climates and elevation orientations rather than a ‘typical average’.

All the products, including Planitherm Total +, Planitherm one, Planitherm 4s, triple glazed, double glazed solutions are readily available from Clayton Glass.

For more information contact one of our customer services team on 01207 288200, or download the free app, SGG Glass Compass, by clicking on the link or image above.

Triple Glazed Units: U Value Table

Details of common sealed unit constructions and cavities, using in triple glazing:

Table of Triple Glazed U-Values

For specifications not listed, please contact our customer services team on 01207 288200.

Updated: Delivery Days by Post Code

Following an increase in our fleet, we are now able to offer increased delivery days to existing post codes, and we’ve added additional areas. Click on the link below for the new delivery schedules.

Roof Post Code Delivery Days (Updated: December 2011)

U Value table

We have the technology, investment and product range to meet every spectrum of performance required to meet and surpass current legislation.

Download either our double glazed unit U value table, which details common sealed unit constructions. For triple glazed unit construction data click here. Alternatively for individual bespoke calculations contact customer services for more details on 01207 288200.

Clayton Glass offer, and have readily available, sealed units with  krypton or argon gas filled cavities, double or triple glazed, secure by design specifications, acoustic glasses, aluminium  & warm edge spacer bar, low iron and low E glasses.


Launch of Pilkington K glass ‘S’

Pilkington Building Products announced the introduction and development of Pilkington K Glass ‘S’. The new low-e glass has comparable properties to existing soft coat low-e glasses (u-value as low as 1.2), with the added benefit of also being available on low iron glass, and supported by the Pilkington K glass brand – the UK’s most recognisable glass brand to the consumer.

This development is part of a £35 million investment the group is making in their UK manufacturing plant into soft coat manufacturing technologies.

Over the course of the next year the new K glass product range will be featured in a trade and consumer marketing campaign. For technical data, and further information download the Pilkington K Glass S Product Brochure.

As a key strategic supplier, Clayton Glass was one of the first to be invited to the launch of new glass; and of course are pleased to announce we therefore have it available to our customers. Contact Customer Services for more information on 01207 288200.

Planitherm Consumer TV Advertising Campaign

Clayton Glass is one of the larget independent processors in the UK of Planitherm Total + (over 750,000m2 sold so far), which is now the UK’s most popular and best performing energy saving glass. Autumn 2011 Planitherm have launched the second TV advertising campaign. You could benefit from this campaign by registering as a Planitherm Network Installer, log on to For technical information on the product, download the Planitherm Total + Product Brochure.

Also available is Planitherm One, providing centre pane u-values as low as 1.0 in double glazed units. For technical information on the product, download the Planitherm One Brochure.

Alternatively contact customer services for availability and more details on 01207 288200.

Updated Terms & Conditions

We’ve updated our T&C’s, and made a few changes to the small print (including making it easier to read!). Download the revised Terms and Conditions here.

Glass Order Form

Down load our updated order form by clicking on the link below.

Glass Order Form

Acoustic Performance of Sealed Units

We’ve posted a selection of acoustic statistics for popular sealed unit constructions. For specific calculations or requirements, please contact our customer services team, on 01207 288200.

Acoustic Tables (24mm units)

Acoustic Tables (28mm units)

Door Energy Ratings Launched

The BFRC issued a positioning paper regarding the DER scheme. It is designed to replicate the Window Energy Rating Scheme for doors.  Door Energy Rating Position Paper – Sepember 2011.

Clayton Glass is one off the largest suppliers of sealed units to the composite door glass industry, visit our microsite to view examples of our extensive range of decorative glass designs.

Consumer Fact Sheets & Trouble Shooting Guides

We’ve posted a selection of useful guides, explaining some common questions regarding sealed units:

Visual Quality of Low E Glass

Correct Face of Low E Coating

External Low-E Condensation

Cleaning, Maintenance & Care Guidelines for Self Cleaning Glass

GGF Visual Sealed Unit Quality Guidelines

Brewsters Fringes

Pattern Distortion in Wired glass

Pilkington Textured Glass Range

Overhead Glazing Specification

Decorative Options Brochure

Patination of lead

Natural Oxidisation of Lead Work

BS EN1279 Part 3 (Warm Edge) awarded

In July 2011, Clayton Glass added to its accolade of kitemarks with the addition of BS EN1279 part 3 for flexible foam spacer bar. Already holding part 3 accreditation for rigid bar, this latest kitemark now means Clayton Glass hold BS EN1279-3 for all types of spacer bar used in our manufacturing plant.

Download copies of our key accreditations here:  EN 1279: 2&3, 12150 and the supporting Systems Description.