Clayton Glass has a fleet of over 500 metal A-frame stillages at a value of over £400 each.
These important assets are used to facilitate the safe and efficient transport of over half a
million sealed units each year and daily we utilise around 75 frames on our fleet of 20

After the morning despatch each day, fresh empties are brought in to commence loading
the next day’s product, giving in most cases a full 24 hour window to sort, prepare, count,
scan, load and secure the 3,000 individual products we delivery each day. This means at any
one time we need to hold 2 days’ worth – or around 150 full size metal A-frames to be able
to function efficiently.

Of late however we are really struggling to do this, often unable to start this lengthy process
until vehicles return with empties and this is putting unacceptable pressure on our despatch
teams, leading to later deliveries which clearly nobody wants.

Inevitably everyone in this industry knows that space is scare, timings of fits can move, and
we all have our own storage issues. We understand this. A good quality metal stillage or a
dozen of them in the yard or factory can no doubt help our customer base with these
issues, but the loss of so many is genuinely impacting our business. Simply put, without
stillages the job stops.

Obviously those customers that take stillage drops require and are more than welcome to
keep the frames for a period, but the general idea is that they are returned on the next
delivery as we drop full ones off again. It’s when this recycling doesn’t happen efficiently
that problems are caused. With so much capital already invested in frames it makes no
sense to spend valuable cash on new ones, when we know so many are being retained for
other purposes.

Could we therefore politely but strongly request that you assess what (if any) stillages you
are holding, what they’re being used for and if it’s not recent Clayton deliveries please try
and get them cleared for return over the next few delivery runs.

We’re more than happy to help by supplying cheaper timber frames at cost in return, help
with scrapping product or arranging special collections runs where necessary.
Please call me on 01207 288200 to arrange returns or if we can help in any other way. Your
account manager will also be in touch to help assess and push this important collection

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