NEW SMART Selector is born

smart selectorOver the past few months we’ve been busy working on a number of new SMARTGLASS marketing initiatives and we’ll have an all new brochure by the end of the month and a brand new website in July. The SMARTGLASS range is being updated and rebranded in a 3 tier structure, and we’re launching SMARTGLASS-W, an exciting range of wall glasses for conservatory side frames.

These products, as good as they are, serve no use to anyone without the knowledge and tools to be able to sell them, to demonstrate and explain the benefits to the end user and of course to gain value and profit in the supply chain for everyone. Our finished suite of marketing material will therefore consist of a new consumer website, beautiful 22 page brochure, glass sample colour guide and the latest addition will be our brand new product selector, pictured here.

We recognise in these days of Apps for everything it’s a bit old school, but it is essentially a quick reference guide for the consumer to the three tiers of SMARTGLASS and SMARTGLASS-W. As you rotate the cover it takes you through the roof glass range, giving all the relevant technical data and availability. Simultaneously, in the lower section is recommended the corresponding SMARTGLASS-W wall glass, detailing the features and benefits here.

By encouraging the customer to consider their conservatory wall and roof glass as a matching SMARTGLASS set it ensures they get some unique and maybe surprising benefits, giving the very best possible result in terms of all round room comfort and usability, whilst adding value for the supply chain. It’s a concept we believe in very strongly and we’ll be in touch further over the coming weeks to offer training and advice.

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