SMARTGLASS raises the bar – Again!

SMARTGLASSAs a truly independent manufacturer we are able to research and procure on a European wide scale so we are once again delighted to announce we’re bringing a new product to market that challenges the limits of glass technology, throwing down the gauntlet to all other roof manufacturers.

This continual R+D process made our highly successful Ultimate Blue a UK first, and now brings an even better, more enhanced version of our best selling roof glass to market.

Blue glassNaturally deep blue tinted and of course with warm edge, true self clean and argon as standard, SMARTGLASSS TM Ultra 83 is our most effective solar control glass to date. With a G-Value of just a 17% it is a massive 15% better than the next best product on the market, reflecting 83% of the sun’s heat – once again setting the standard by which all other roof glasses can be judged. It’s available for installation now, and you will only find this level of performance from Clayton Glass, Northern Express Glass and our downstream customer base.

Rest assured whilst everyone else sells the same old basic blue, as a SMARTGLASSTM customer you’ll always have access to the most cutting edge technology, so you can always promise to fit the best – with confidence.

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