Energy surcharge consolidation – an update

In reaction to Pilkington’s recent decision to consolidate and cease charging Energy Surcharge as separate entity, we posted last month our intention to do the same and over the last few weeks we’ve developed a new pricelist to facilitate this.

Given that we’re in December now and that there will be no change to the price you pay other than the way it’s displayed, we’ve decide to postpone the changes until January 1st 2015 as we hope this will prove a convenient switchover point for accounts teams and those involved in checking price.

In January therefore, what we currently invoice separately as Energy Surcharge will be incorporated into the basic rate, and will you will receive a new tariff with revised unit rates as well as a few extra useful bits. All other items will remain unchanged and we will be on hand to explain where necessary, although it couldn’t be simpler in that you will now see exactly what you will pay.

It remains to be seen what the effect of Energy surcharge consolidation will have on the raw glass supply market, but we will continue to use our increased scale and independence to reduce the impact of future rises.

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