Discontinuation of Energy Surcharge

After 10 years of the levy being applied separately, Pilkington and most other major glass manufacturers have decided to end the practice of charging an Energy Surcharge on the glass they sell. From November this year therefore, the glass we buy will be on an ‘all inclusive’ basis, and thus we ourselves and all other downstream processors will be able to revert back to the old position of an all-inclusive IG rate.

This will provide greater transparency and remove the need to add two numbers to get to the real price, which is what in practice we all do anyway whether buying or selling.

As there will be no effect on the net selling price we don’t have a deadline date for implementation, but over the coming weeks we will be replacing all existing tariffs with a view to everyone being ‘all inclusive’ by the end of November. Energy will simply be rolled back into the price at today’s level so while m2 rates will appear to rise, there will be an equal reduction in the surcharge at the foot of the invoice.

We welcome this simplification of structure which will be a benefit to us all in the long term, but please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager should you have any questions.


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