ISO14001 Accredited Supply Chain

Increasingly architects, specifiers and customers are seeking assurances regarding the environmental controls in place and the sustainability of materials in the supply chain. We have ensured all our key supply partners are fully accredited , and hold the correct certification (including ISO14001 or BREEAM BES6001). Should you need to, you can download the various certificates here:

Guardian Glass ISO14001 Certificate

Pilkington Glass ISO 14001 Certificate

Saint Gobain Glass UK ISO14001 Certificate

Saint Gobain Glass UK BES6001 Certificate

Bostik EMS 14001 Certificate

Grace Dessicant ISO14001 Certificate

On request we can also provide a full audit trail demonstrating where the exact key materials for your order originated from. Contact customer services, your account manager or a sales representative for more details on 01207 288200.

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