Guaranteed Pre 10.30am Delivery for SMARTGLASS Roofs

timer vanWe know a conservatory roof can often be quite a quick fit, and so nearly everyone if possible would want an early morning drop if that was achievable.  Logistically however there are 8 delivery hours in a day, so dependent on routes and loadings it isn’t always possible to guarantee anything other than an ‘am’ or ‘pm’ slot.

Until now. For standard lead time orders and subject to size constraints, we are now able to offer a pre 10.30 am drop – Guaranteed.

This is a chargeable service, but on those few occasions when you or your customer really would rather spend the money than spend the time, it will now be possible to shortcut the system and get your roof direct to you, first drop, early drop.

In an industry where time is money, a fee of just £75 will guarantee no waiting around for your roof to arrive and for you to get finished. So when you want to knock off in Knutsford or take a flyer in Falkirk, choose our pre 10.30 option and we’ll do the rest.

Contact SMARTGLASSTM Customer Service for more details on 01207 288200.

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