Revolutionary quick fix for SMARTGLASS Breakages

Transporting glass over long distances is never without its difficulties but with the increasing prevalence of one day fits, when a unit is broken either in transport or on site, the problems can stack up.

To help, in a trial commencing next week all of our drivers will carry on board stock sheets of corex – a thin version of polycarbonate but one that can be cut easily on site to be used as a temporary fix. In most circumstances it’s just one pane of a roof DGU that will break, so by using the intact half as a template it’s possible to make an accuratecopy of the original panel shape.

At only 4mm thick the corex template needs to be fixed into the rebate using suitable packers, but once glazed it’s rigid enough to make decent seal as a temporary measure, and as it’s in a material that’s immediately available and transparent, we hope this may be bit more palatable to the householder until the genuine replacement arrives.

Quick fix Corex will be carried by all of our site fleet from next and we would welcome any feedback you can offer.

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