Label Adhesion Issue

As you have probably noticed over the last 2 months we’ve significantly improved the way we label our product, to include full colour, a larger font, greater detail, customer logo, and most of all a waterproof easy peel durable label.

It has come to our attention however that we have been supplied a batch of labels with the wrong type of adhesive, making them difficult to remove. The label adhesive is very obviously more sticky than the norm and in many cases the label tears off in strips as opposed to in one piece cleanly. In the worse cases the label requires scraping off completely.

We’ve isolated this batch, so only about one day’s production was affected but this still means that up to 2000 units from deliveries between 11th  and 15th  have the potential for problems.

If you come across any of this rogue batch the best way to deal with it is as follows –

  • Using a cloth or paper towel, dampen the label well with a solvent solution – white spirits, thinners, Meths, Pvc cleaner, any will do the job
  • Leave to soak for a few minutes for the glue to break down, but not enough for the label to dry out
  • The label should then either peel off carefully by hand, or, using a sharp blade scrape off cleanly in one go
  • Wipe any remaining adhesion off with clean cloth, dampened with solvent

Using the above method its should take no longer than couple of minutes each label, but we apologise profusely as we do realise that for affected jobs this may create some inconvenience for fitting teams in particular,

We assure you we have quickly captured and eliminated the cause so if you are unfortunate to come across this issue it will be short lived.

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