EnergiMAX brand to be rolled out

ENERGIMAXBranding on our standard insulating glass unit range is to be changed to EnergiMAX TM reflecting the almost total move to 1.2 centre pane u-value product now supplied.

With most customers having dropped the low iron element of ‘A’ rated some time ago, the brand in its current state has become less and less relevant over the last year in particular. We’ve hence decided to widen its remit to cover all argon filled Softcoat sealed units made by Clayton Glass, and our sister company Northern Express Glass. All units of this type will therefore carry to the branding and label above.

It remains our strong intention as a business to continue to research and develop the most energy efficient products, and with triple glazing coming more to the fore we hope to launch EnergiMAX Triple Glazed in the coming months, subject to a more comprehensive view of how this will sit within the WER scale.

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