New for 2013 – SMARTGLASS Conservatory Roof Glass Delivery Charter

delivery charterWith continuing SMARTGLASSTM growth across 2012 came more staff, extra vehicles, and the addition of our Southern distribution Hub into the SMARTGLASS Logistic network.  Despite all this investment whilst quality and manufacturing issues were virtually zero, the specialist nature of roof delivery, especially to one of site drops has meant an ever present challenge. Across the year we achieved 98.3% OTIF, but where we experienced failed deliveries this was for a wide range of issues, none of which actually related to capacity or material shortages.

We’ve had the odd van breakdown, motorway accident, and the serious flooding of the A1, likewise we had a number instances with specifically site drops – nobody was there to receive the goods, they didn’t know when or where we were going to turn up, addresses were wrong, or there was simply nowhere to store the glass safely.

In thinking what we could do better in 2013 therefore, as well as again increasing out fleet, we’ve decide to add a number of extras services to keep you informed, and to create a set of clear, fair guidelines by which we will be operating. We’ve named this our ‘delivery charter’, where we outline clearly what we will do in terms of delivery and communication, and how you can help us to help you.

New for 2013 for example includes a commitment from us to automatically text the site mobile before 10am with an expected delivery time, meaning less time is wasted waiting around for glass to arrive, and less no-shows for site drops. We’ll do this for every single site drop, naturally providing at the time of order we get the number. We’ve also increased our delivery frequency on 70% of postcodes, now reaching a quarter of the country on a daily basis. (Download the new post code list here).

This Charter, together with our Postcode delivery day listings and of course price tariff will form the cornerstone of our overall roof package. It details the extremely high level of service and communication you can expect, in return for the right level of information up front.

We look forward to texting you soon! – download the roof glass delivery charter here.

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