Product Update: Triple Glazed Insulating Glass Units

Over the past few years we’ve become one of the North of England’s biggest manufacturers of triple glazing, and now have two fully automated lines for their manufacture. One of the key issues to understand with triple glazing however is that unless you have the optimum cavities, gas filling, proper equipment and  correct glass combinations you  may well end up with a unit that has no significant thermal advantage of the DGU equivalent,  yet is just more costly, heavier and prone to failure.

 To quantify this, our current standard Planitherm DGU has a centre pane U value of 1.2, so we’ve tailored our triple glazed range to be significantly better than this base unit.  Using just one leaf of Planitherm in a TG unit will at best improve the U value to 1.0 but by simply adding an extra pane of clear glass, the triple glazed equivalent will almost certainly perform worse under a WER scenario.

 Our most popular Triple Glazed units therefore use two leaves of Planitherm Total +, with coating on face 3 and 5. Both cavities are argon filled, the middle leaf is always toughened for thermal safety and we are currently in the process of developing a range to include anti condensation – you will probably have had calls from customers complaining about this effect at this time of year?

 Using these combinations, our 36mm version offers a centre pane U value of 0.8, and the 44mm version a class leading 0.6.  We can of course tailor a unit to your exact requirements, so if you would like to know more or to discuss price,  I would be happy to come and talk to you further. In the meantime I’ve attached a chart below graphing the various relative performances.

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