Optimum glass solutions calculated for each Potential customer

Saint Gobain Glass have developed an app downloadable from the AppStore, that takes into account the climate in your area, the Orientation of the elevation, the floor area, size of windows, type of heating, to calculate the most efficient glass for your specific customers individual requirements, and the amount of energy your customer would save if they were to install this glass.

The app allows far more accurate calculations than the conventional window energy rating scheme, by taking into account local climates and elevation orientations rather than a ‘typical average’.

All the products, including Planitherm Total +, Planitherm one, Planitherm 4s, triple glazed, double glazed solutions are readily available from Clayton Glass.

For more information contact one of our customer services team on 01207 288200, or download the free app, SGG Glass Compass, by clicking on the link or image above.

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