SMARTGLASS: Triple Glazed Conservatory Roof Glass

SMARTGLASS is now available in triple glazed as well as double glazed unit construction. We’ve invested heavily in machinery to allow us to manufacture triple glazed sealed units for windows, whether filled with argon or krypton gas. Combining this investment and glass technologies, we are now able to manufacture and supply triple glazed roof glass, perfect for high specification orangeries. Using two leaves of low e, we achieve a centre pane u-values as low as 0.7, some 30% better than the class leading double glazed roof glass unit, enhanced sound reduction performance, improved solar control and of course still a true self cleaning external coating.

With the introduction of 50% more faces of glass, we are able to utilise more coatings to drive the performance further. The additional middle pane, also introduces the potential to use privacy glass (such as satin) while retaining the self clean and low coatings. Previously something impossible.

For more information, please contact our customer services team on 01207 288200.

Note: Overall cavities start from 24mm (4mm/6mm/4mm/6mm/4mm) Minimum and maximum sizes apply due to the weight of the units, for more details contact one of our customer services team. Technical performance is based on vertical glazing. A full spectrum of colours are available (Blue, Neutral, Bronze and Aqua), the table below gives typical product performance:

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