Coloured product labels – helping to identify urgent orders

We’ve moved to colour! We’ve introduced different colour product labels, to aid identification. Each delivery day now has its own colour band; the change whilst a simple one has had a noticeable improvement on the level of accuracy of loading and picking for our warehouse teams.

We’ve also made it easier to identify urgent orders, requested next day, by processing these labels with an orange band (similar to the image to the right). The label format will continue to evolve, the next significant change, will be the illustration of the order number in the form of a symbol, to help our team and customers identify complete orders more easily.

Health & safety is large part of any business, so to assist in manual handling we’ve put the weight of the product, so you put measures in place for safe handling, for example the need for two man lifts.

Finally, you may have noticed our labels have two bar codes printed. One is so we can track the order internally, the other is your order reference expressed as a bar code – so if you are able, you can book the delivery in, by scanning the bar code. Speak to our customer services team, if you would like to utilise this function.

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